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Arthur Briant

Arthur Briant

Arthur Briant

Chubb Years: 1920 - 1946

Bench and field locksmith, followed troops during WWII opening and repairing safes and vaults for his firm, including Burma and Hong Kong. more…


Gordon Day

Gordon Day

Chubb Years: 1973 - ?

Senior lock sales representative, responsible for wholesale factors in the Southern Region, and national dealer training courses.


Peter Gunn

Chubb Years: 1962 - 1974

Nov. 1962 - Employed as shipping clerk in the Export Dept. at Chubb’s London Head Office. Sept.1968 - Accepted as trainee in Lock Sales Division. Jan.1969 - Appointed Midland Region Lock Sales Rep. and based at the Birmingham Branch Office. Jan.1974 - Returned to London Head Office as Lock Contracts Manager responsible for Govt. Clients and Special Contract Customers. Nov.1999 - Compulsory Redundancy/Early Retirement! more…


Colin Harper-Smith

Chubb Years:


David R E Ibbs

Chubb Years: 1950 - 1991

An fascinating career, personally recounted, from apprentice to Export Manager. Full of adventure and intrigue David writes his memories: ‘Export is Fun ‘


Harry Inscoe

Chubb Years: 1858 - 1918


David Lawlor

Chubb Years: 1973 -

Midland territory lock representative.

Vic Liardet

Chubb Years:


Stuart McAinsh

Stuart McAinsh

Stuart McAinsh

Chubb Years 1963 - 1978

Chubb Lock and Safe Company  -  1963 – 1970. 1963 – 1967   Midland area Lock Rep, 1967 -  Developing cash dispenser market in the United States. 968 – 1970   Bank Division responsible for Cash Dispensers UK – also involved with Safes and Strongrooms. Chubb Alarm  Grroup. 1971 – ? Sales Promotion Manager. Chubb Alarms had only recently been formed by takeover and merger of Burgot and Rely-a-Bell. Also to develop newly formed Chubb Wardens. ? - 1978 Marketing Co-coordinator to further develop Alarms and Wardens plus launch of CCTV, Access Systems and Integrated  Security Systems.


William Randell

William E Randell

William E Randall

Chubb Years: 1950 - ?

Joined Chubb & Sons Lock and Safe Company in 1950, became Managing Director in 1963. In 1965 promoted to the main Group board. In 1976 appointed Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Chubb & Son Ltd.


Bill Stanton

Bill Stanton

Chris Sixsmith

Chatwood/Chubb Years: ?

Bill Stanton

Chubb Years: 1956 -


Richard Tarling

Chubb Years:

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Chubb People

Company loyalty in the workforce has always been strong with Chubb, indeed sometimes with several members of the same family or generations of son following father.

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