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Sn: 1

3 1/2” Padlock. Made by Jerimiah Chubb.


Sn: 452

D: Dec 1819


This lock, found on a Carron cast iron strongbox, is the earliest know surviving example of a Chubb detector lock.

It also shows that although Chubb didn't start making safes until 1835, they were supplying them, fitted with their own locks, from the very beginning.

History of Locks Museum


20th April 1820

8” Rim deadlock: Locksmith: Cokely.



April/May 1820

3” Flush cabinet lock. Locksmith: Brotherton.

4th Lord Hayter

Bill Chubb


April 1821

Safe lock

Tony Beck

Sn: 6037

D: 1827

Cut cabinet door lock.

History of Locks Museum

Lock Register 1819 - 1828

A selection of Chubb locks made between 1819 - 1828, and preserved in private or public collections.

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Notes and Key to abbreviations used in the on-line registers.

D: date.  Mat: materials.Sn: serial number. Sz: size. Wt: weight.

Sizes, unless otherwise stated, refer to case or body size excluding extended bolts.