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Serial Number / Date

Size / Weight



D: c18**

Double detent lock

No markings except a very small ‘Prince of Wales Feathers’ mark approximately 1.5mm high over a single digit ‘2’.

History of Locks Museum

D: 1960

3G110 Security Range ‘Castle’ deadlock.

Post 1936 Locks

Chubb took the decision to discontinue serial numbering after 1936, however certain client numbering and ID codes continued to appear on some locks since then. This list shows a selection of un-numbered locks or special numbering on locks throughout the life of Chubb.

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Notes and Key to abbreviations used in the on-line registers.

D: date.  Mat: materials.Sn: serial number. Sz: size. Wt: weight.

Sizes, unless otherwise stated, refer to case or body size excluding extended bolts.